Galactic Skater

★★★★★ I think it's safe this one is truly out of this world.   -GameZebo

Put your reflexes to the test as you skate the universe in Galactic Skater!

Shred rails, perform gravity-defying jumps, and destroy monsters bent on your ruin. Collect coins to purchase powerful upgrades and unique outfits as you navigate twisting tracks teeming with wormholes, loops, levitators, jump pads, and countless other dangers.

  • SKATE mind-bending courses. Each run is different and unique!
  • EXPLORE four beautiful galaxies. More are added all the time!
  • COMPETE with your friends for the top of the leaderboard.
  • DESTROY space monsters along the way for bonus points.
  • UPGRADE your space suit and your powerups. 

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 The developers that brought you Snail Mail, Cake Mania and countless other hits up the ante in the endless runner genre. Play today.